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Leah Spacewise, a Portland-based container home expert and author, holds a degree in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Oregon. As a resident of a custom-built container home, she brings hands-on experience in designing, constructing, and furnishing compact living spaces to this site. Passionate about eco-friendly and minimalist living, Leah's vision is to create an engaging platform for newcomers and enthusiasts alike, offering insightful articles, practical advice, and fostering a community that values sustainability, creativity, and innovative housing solutions.

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Tiny Home Office Ideas

Tiny Home Office

In the times we live in, there are a lot of people who have had to come up with space inside their homes so they can work, and this is how home offices have gained more popularity than ever before. For those who can relate, they understand how chaotic it can be to attempt to … Read more

Tiny House Doors Varieties

tiny house doors

Designing the tiny house of your dreams? One of the great things about tiny houses is that you can design them for your needs and preferences, and the door on your tiny home is no different. If you’ve ever wondered about tiny house doors, you are in the right place. Entryway or front doors set … Read more