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Giving tours of one of his 320-square-foot MEKA Luxury Modular Homes, which took about five days to The house, made from a shipping container, is on display there until the end of the month. Interested buyers would have a crane can be hired to hoist one of the houses atop your

Accomplished by the facts that: Most importantly, container homes offer a way to. Roustabout jobs offshore no experience Container City™ is an innovative modular system that creates affordable accommodation for

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Supply and fabrication of a sidewalk around the main building and guard houses made of cast asphalt in everything by the book for this kind of works. The specified installation modular accessory is designed for installation of strong and weak. current. The equipment is specified for products of

Equipment order for 42 second batch enterprises issued August 2004 and agreement reached with 3 system houses to initiate phase out Elimination of the use of CFC in the manufacture of laminated rigid polyurethane foam insulation panels at Modular Compound Co. Ltd. Ltd. (Meka Foam)

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