Undulating Green Roof Mixed Use Shipping Container Structure to be A First in St. Louis Arbor House in the Bronx Provides a Green Community for Low-Income Residents Extreme Home Built with Old Containers Related Articles on Jetson Green: Created Date:

NYIT Solar Decathlon Animation: Green Machine The Green Machine is an integral part of our solar home. It nourishes and nurtures the Green Machine, modified shipping container, roof garden, energy systems, hydrogen fuel cell,

Container Inspection Date: Container #: Shipping Manifest #: Inspectors Name: Ceiling/Roof condition Inside/Outside Door condition 2008 Container Inspection Form Author: The Home Depot Created Date:

Rectangular, flat-roof, glass walled home as a partial kit home. Figure 13: a shipping container converted into a home featuring extendable and retractable modules The Prefabrication of Houses (Cambridge: The

ASBESTOS TRANSPORT AND DISPOSAL 3 Asbestos tiles, gaskets, brake Linings, clutch plates, acoustic insulation, non-bonded textiles, gloves, protective clothing and respirators

EVALUATION OF ABOVE GROUND STORM SHELTERS STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE BY: Greg Lee the roof collapsed in on them. Individual components of the average home may be inadequately connected and not sufficiently linked to other elements.

Florida Building Code, this exemption does not authorize any work to be done in any manner in Interior or exterior painting and roof painting (water tight coatings require a permit). Paving and drainage. (Requires Zoning Improvement Permit).

A Practical, Efficient Shelter Solution By Clean Air Yurts 30 Crispell Ln, New Paltz, NY 12561 Double Roof Structure The roof of Yurt Home was specifically designed to 14 units fit in a standard shipping container. No special equipment is needed to transport a Yurt

LOCKHEED MARTIN PM-5010D AERONAUTICS COMPANY 28 MARCH 2006 2 the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Material Management home page on the Internet World Wide Web. As of the date hereof, shipping container shall be identified with markings required by Paragraph 5.7

What type of foundation does the LV Series Home require? What roof system does the LV Home employ? How is the roof drained? What is the roof snow load? Shipping Container (40 ft. high cube) costs: Perryville, MO to Ashdod, Israel PORT = $6,200

Metal, hollow sound. If unable to see roof of container, use ladder or a mirror attached to Conduct 7-point interior and exterior inspection of ISO ocean container to verify the physical Document container results and keep with shipping records. Reject containers that do not pass the

PRLog – Global Press Release Distribution Shipping Container Homes in Costa Rica Source: Container Homes Costa Rica Dated: Dec. 22, 2008 Our company ContainerHomes.net builds homes in Costa Rica using the shipping container as the main

The Sukup Safe T Home Double Roof Structure Sukup Safe T Homes feature a full-size, lockable, steel door. Windows have lockable exterior doors with 16 gauge perforated steel interior screens • 10 units fit in a standard shipping container.

7-Point Inspection Checklist for Containers Date:_____ Supplier: _____ Facility: _____ Ceiling / roof 7. Floor (inside) Container reviewed by: Date/time of review: Seal reviewed by: Date/time of review: 1. Outside / Undercarriage (before entering facility)

Welcome to Green Machine / Blue Space shipping container. It is where you will find the mechanisms that give life to our home. (Green Machine’s roof garden is shown and highlighted in red. The connecting bridge

ROOF COVERING: 0.5mm thick galvanised steel sheet. CEILING: 0.5mm thick galvanised steel sheet. CORNER POSTS Q235A, 3mm thick. CONTAINER CONVERSIONS Durban: +27 31 769 1100 Johannesburg: +27 11 975 3800 info@container.co.za COO NTAI ER CONVERSIONS C CONVERSIONS

ASBESTOS TRANSPORT AND DISPOSAL 3 Asbestos tiles, gaskets, brake Linings, clutch plates, acoustic insulation, non-bonded textiles, gloves, protective clothing and respirators

DRAFT by Mikaël Gartner, SEAOSC SDC Chair Reuse of Shipping Containers Creative use of shipping containers, also known as Intermodal Steel Building Units

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