A container-based home offers a fast, green, and sustainable approach to building. These inter-modal steel building units (ISBUs) A trussed roof is fastened with metal straps that are welded to the steel sides and wrapped around the

Wide” manufactured home with an attached garage, an out building and the two “shipping” containers that are used for my business inventory storage ( approx. 10 inches above the container roof and allows for snow to clear and for wind to spill out from behind. The rows are

A Subsidiary of Saint Louis Metalworks Company announce construction of the Green Roof Pavilion at the Earth Ways Home for the Missouri Botanical Garden. Each unit consists of a 24" x 24" container fabricated of heavy gauge aluminum.

Green from the Roof Down are appealing to home owners, business owners, notable environmental and sustainability elements to the community. More than a couple of plants in a container, a garden roof is an extensive garden set on top of a roof. In this system, shrubs,

Big Green Egg Table Basic Plans Basic plans (with instructions and parts list) for building a wood table for your Big Green Egg ceramic cooker March 21, 2007

VG15 Sunparadise VG15 glass-to-glass sliding doors are a contemporary solution as internal room dividers, Nigel Dunnett’s rainfall only garden in Green Roof Shelters Container Home Office. Silver Gilt Medal Winner 2011 Construction: Non-thermally broken aluminium system

NYIT Solar Decathlon Animation: Welcome to Green Machine / Blue Space Across from the loft you can view the home’s roof garden. Green Machine, Blue Space, hydrogen fuel cell, shipping container, Agriboard

Nashville Civic Design Center Green Roofs Case Study A green roof consists of vegetation, soil or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Home Building Task Checklist * This checklist was adapted from information provided by Consumer Advocate, Tom Landis of OwnerBuilder.com

Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff S. Alsup1; S. Ebbs2; L. Battaglia3; and W. Retzlaff4 Abstract: The contribution of green roofs to urban water quality is a subject of increasing interest.

But when you have to go spend so much to do a green roof, I don’t think it winds up getting built.” Construction costs 25 per cent less container in which to set up a temporary home, I think I would go for the container. And considering the ingenuity of the Haitians,

1 gallon HDPE beverage container . milk/juice . 0.19–0.25 . U.S. EPA . HDPE (dairy only), whole, loose . 1 cubic yard . green . 1 cubic yard . 46.69 . Tellus . Prunings, shredded . 1 cubic yard product; volume; weight; table; king; county; solid; waste; division; SWD; environment

Green Products: The Use of Vines on Buildings In an episode of Home & Garden T.V., master gardener Paul James details the work required to eliminate A vine is planted in a container on a roof, or trained up from the ground, and then allowed to sprawl

Container Garden Facts Most vegetables can be grown in containers with great success. Container vegetables require less space than conventional gardens to grow the same amount

13 An introduction to green roofs, walls and facades Background A vegetated landscape constructed on a roof that consists of various layers, which

2 Instead of relying on chemicals to kill the moss on your roof, focus on preventive methods that will keep the moss from growing, or at least significantly

Big Green Egg Table Basic Plans Basic plans (with instructions and parts list) for building a wood table for your Big Green Egg ceramic cooker March 21, 2007

Effect of Roof Material on Water Quality for Rainwater Harvesting Systems the water quality data that have already been collected for the green roof study. Each test roof will be mounted on an angled test that consists of a 5- to 10-L container to collect the “first flush” and a

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