Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Options . Updated May 1, 2013 . Maricopa County is mindful of the need to provide its citizens with the resources to Phoenix HHW Program Surprise HHW Program (602) 262-7251 (623) 222-6000 . phoenix

Area of House Type of Product Hazardous chemicals that could be an ingredient Why they can be dangerous Recommended Disposal Method HHW = City of Phoenix Household

For more Information: Centers for Disease Control . • Never place the container in the recycle bin. house- keeping, and janitorial workers, children and pets are also at risk for being stuck by improperly discarded used sharps.

GARDENING IN STRAW BALES WHY? For the person who cannot bend down or is confined to a wheelchair, straw bale gardening can provide a way to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

Ticks in Arizona Ticks are sometimes referred to as insects, but they are actually arach- house. Its principal hosts are dogs, Services in Phoenix; otherwise you can take it to your lo-

Plant Selection and Selecting Your Plants Phoenix and Yuma areas, lawn grubs, palo verde borers, agave weevils, seasonal grasshoppers, etc. Cooperative Extension bulletins can give more infor- container media should not be washing out the drain

Go to your house shut-off valve. This is usually located at the front of your house near a hose spigot. Turn the shut- If you have questions about garbage or recycling collection, brush pick up or container repair, please call Solid Waste at 480 -312 -5600 or go to:

Is your curbside trash or recycling container broken? Complete our online form at or call Maricopa County to house inmates that are arrested in Phoenix, as well as to pay the costs for State mandated jail sentences. The fee is based on meter size.

At the Waste Management Phoenix Open in February, with Add painted house numbers to your curb by borrowing our free curb painting kit, which includes stencils, container eligible for collection is 5 gallons. You are eligible to

Prescott Household Hazardous Waste Events . Less Toxic (see container label instructions for acid/caustic dilution) Special Thanks to the c ity of Phoenix for sharing their research with Prescott! Area of House Type of Product :

PHOENIX PROGRAM The NPACC Hospital Readmissions House Rules: NPACC has a few housekeeping protocols informed by the Golden rule; we ask that everyone in attendance (deposit yours in the container provided at the registration desk).

Arizona Department FACT SHEET of Environmental Quality Facebook f ogo C / .eps Facebook f ogo C / .eps or other sealable container in which the broken lamp will fit Home Depot, or House-hold Hazardous Waste collection facility as other possible recycling options.

St. george logistics warehouse locations destination zip hours alb 2407 commercial albuquerque warehouse 1340 broadway northeast phoenix az 85043 8:00-4:30 pit 1104 diamond cargo clinton express 1728 route 30 rebecca 1-412-722-0760 1-412-722-0773

20 “Homeless in Phoenix: Know Your Rights” is a publication of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona. The ACLU of Arizona is the state’s premier guardian of

Owner: City of Phoenix Location: Phoenix, AZ 27th Avenue Waste Transfer Station and Material Resource Facility Renovations This facility will house the container storage, vehicles and special handling of non solid waste operations for the City.

Phoenix, Arizona 85004-1937 . Maricopa County . Environmental Services Department . Reduced Oxygen Packaging under the “48 Hour Exemption. cannot be packaged using ROP. “House-made” blends are prohibited without obtaining a variance. 3-502.12(E)(1).

Ticks in Arizona Ticks are sometimes referred to as insects, but they are actually arach- house. Its principal hosts are dogs, Services in Phoenix; otherwise you can take it to your lo-

Phoenix, AZ. 85009 Customer: if has been fully reassembled. 3.0 _____ vessel, cab, truck, van, trailer, container or vehicle) or warehouse or other building; (2) Camelback_Moving_Bill_of_Lading 3-3-2015.docx

Broker Phoenix International Business Logistics, Inc. at 908-355-8900. please consult your local Phoenix agent, in house freight forwarder, Container stuffing location 10. Harmonized Tariff Schedule

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